Mid-Year Benefits Changes

Associates may make mid-year changes to their benefits if they have a “Qualifying Event for a Family Status Change”.  All Family Status Change (FSC) requests must be received in Corporate Benefits within 31 days of that event. Events include: 
  • Loss of or beginning of spouse’s employment   
  • Associate’s Marriage or Divorce
  • the death of a spouse or dependent
  • the birth or adoption of a dependent child 
  • Medicare or Medicaid (CHIP) entitlement for associate, spouse or dependent  (60 days to submit on these events) 
  • Change that causes a dependent to become ineligible for coverage or lose eligibility under the Shaw Plan
  • Qualified medical child support order
  • When a spouse participates in a cafeteria plan which maintains a different Open Enrollment period (effective date) than the associate's plan.
Changes are effective the date that all completed forms and required documentation are received in Corporate Benefits.

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