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Are participants required to use a Network provider?
Using an In-Network Provider is not required.  However, using an In-Network Provider provides discounted rates which in turn would lower your out-of-pocket responsibility.
How can I file a dental claim?
Most providers will file your dental claims for you.  Before you visit your provider, ask them if they will file Shaw Insurance.  If they will not file your claim for you, follow these instructions:

Print the Shaw Dental Benefits Claim Form and provide it to the dental office upon arrival for your appointment. 

Once the claim is processed, you will receive an "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB) from Delta Dental listing the charges, payments by the plan, and the patient’s out of pocket amount due. This claims information can also be viewed and printed at

Note:  All claims must be received within twelve (12) months from the date services are incurred “Timely Filing Limit” to be considered eligible for processing.  Claims received after 12 months will be denied based on the Timely Filing Limit.  

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