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Accidental Death and Dismemberment

How much AD&D coverage do I have?
The amount of the AD&D benefit is equal to one times your basic annual earnings up to a maximum benefit amount of $100,000.  The AD&D benefit is available only to associates.
Your coverage amount will be rounded up to the next higher $500.  (Example: If your annual salary income is $20,204.00, your benefit amount would be rounded up to $20,500.00 for the AD&D).

NOTE:  Accidental death or dismemberment by accidental injury as used in this supplement means that your death or dismemberment results, directly and independently of all other causes, from an accidental injury which is unintended, unexpected, and unforeseen.
What do I pay for the AD&D benefit?
The AD&D benefit is a company paid benefit (there is no cost to associates).
How do I add or change beneficiaries in ShawAndMe?
In ShawandMe:
Click My Personal Information, and then under Benefits, click Insurance Summary.  Next, click on the benefit (Group Life, AD&D, or OTL) you want to add or change the beneficiaries and then click the Edit button.  If you are adding a new beneficiary, click the Add a New Beneficiary button.
Once beneficiary information is added, click Save and OK then, click on Return to Change Current Beneficiaries and Allocations.
Remember the Updated Total must equal 100% (whole numbers can only be entered).
If there is only one beneficiary – put "100" under "New Primary Allocation" by the beneficiary’s name. If there is more than one beneficiary, put the amount being allocated to each person.  Lastly, click Update Totals and click Save, then OK.

Click on Return to Life Insurance Main and then click on Return to Insurance Summary.  Finally, click on Insurance Beneficiary Summary.  Beneficiary changes will show on this page, if correct.

*Note – Associate is automatically the primary beneficiary for dependents – Primary Beneficiary cannot be changed.
What happens to my AD&D Insurance if I leave the company?
If you leave the company, you have the option to continue your AD&D coverage. For details regarding this benefit, you must contact Minnesota Life at (1-866-293-6047) within thirty-one (31) days from your date of termination. The Group Policy number is 33498.
Who will be the beneficiary for my AD&D Insurance?
Please make sure that you have a primary beneficiary listed for your AD&D.  You can add a primary beneficiary or make changes to your primary beneficiary information by going through ShawAndMe.

** Please note: Benefits cannot be made payable directly to minor children (legal age based on individual state law). If a minor child is listed as a beneficiary, the benefit may be paid directly to the child’s legal guardian. To make sure your minor child receives entitled benefits, you should seek legal counsel for setting up a trust for the child and have the information included in your will.

Secondary beneficiary – For a copy of the Secondary Beneficiary form, click here.

Default beneficiary – If you do not name a beneficiary, benefits are paid in the following order; spouse (if living), child (ren) (if living), parents (if living), estate.

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