Shaw offers a Canadian Benefits Package to associates which includes Basic Life insurance, Healthcare, Dental and Critical Illness.  These benefits are offered through Great-West Life.   Please refer to the Group Benefit Plan Booklet for full detailed information (limitations apply). 
For an overview of all the Canadian benefits, click here.
You must be a regular full-time associate with three (3) months of continuous Company service. You are considered continuously employed only if you satisfy the actively at work requirement throughout the eligibility waiting period.

For information on the Associate Basic Life Insurance (through Great-West), click here.

For information on the Dependent Basic Life Insurance (through Great-West), click here.

For details on the Canadian Healthcare benefits, click here.

For details on the Canadian Dental benefits, click here.

For details on the Canadian Associate Critical Illness Insurance, click here.

For assistance with your Basic Life Insurance, Healthcare, Dental and/or Critical Illness coverage, please contact a Great-West Life Customer Service Representative at 1-800-957-977, Group Policy # 330507.
For Canadian associates, Shaw also offers Optional Term Life Insurance through Minnesota Life.

All regular, full-time associates are eligible to enroll in the Optional Term Life Insurance Plan, up to the guaranteed issue amount, without medical evidence of Insurability being required, to be effective after the three (3) month probationary period is over, also based on Minnesota Life’s actively at work requirements.
  •  If your spouse is also a Shaw associate, you and your spouse cannot have double coverage on yourselves or child (ren) under the Optional Term Life, it can only be listed under yourself or your spouse.
  •  If you or your spouse leave the company and have Optional Term Life on yourself, as a spouse you can only move over up to $50,000 to the spouse who is still employed with Shaw. Any amount elected over that will be subject to approval through the Insurance Carrier with Medical Evidence of Insurability being required.
If, as a new hire, you decline Optional Term Life Insurance coverage on yourself and/or eligible dependents, the next opportunity to enroll would be during the next open enrollment period. You and/or your dependents would not be eligible for any guaranteed issue amounts; any amount elected would be subject to approval through the Insurance Carrier and Medical Evidence of Insurability would also be required.

For details on the Optional Term Life Insurance, click here.
Optional Term Life Insurance can be cancelled at any time. For the cancellation form, click here.
Accelerated Benefit Claim
The Optional Term Life Insurance also provides a living benefit provision which is through Minnesota Life.  If you or your eligible spouse is diagnosed as terminally ill, with a life expectancy of twelve months or less, and meet all plan requirements, you can elect to withdraw up to 100% of the value of your Optional Term Life Insurance policy. Please contact your Human Resources office for additional information.
Age Reduction
If you are still employed at age seventy (70) or after, the Optional Term Life Insurance (if applicable) amounts are reduced by 50%. If you are still employed, and your spouse reaches age seventy (70) or after, their Optional Term Life Insurance (if applicable) amounts are reduced by 50%.
Please make sure that you have a primary beneficiary listed for your Optional Term Life (if applicable). You can add a primary beneficiary or make changes to your primary beneficiary information by completing the form and providing to your Human Resource Office.  For the Canadian Primary Beneficiary Form, click here.

** Please note: Benefits cannot be made payable directly to minor children (legal age based on the age of majority in the individual provinces and territories of Canada).

Secondary beneficiary –To obtain the Secondary Beneficiary form, click here.

Default beneficiary – If you do not name a beneficiary, benefits are paid in the following order; spouse (if living), child (ren) (if living), parents (if living), estate.
The Optional Term Life is administered by Shaw. If you have any questions relating to your coverage, please contact your Human Resources office.

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