COBRA Premiums | Retiree (Other than COBRA) Premiums

When an associate’s employment ends with Shaw, if they are a current participant of the Shaw Medical, Dental, and/or Vision Plan, they have the right to elect to continue coverage under COBRA/Retiree provisions. Coverage terminates as of the employment end date. 

Coverage can be continued at the same tier level or participants may choose to decrease the number of persons to be covered. Current Plan type(s) can only be changed during the next Open Enrollment period. Participants are not required to elect all plans and can elect to continue only Medical, Dental, or Vision.

Enrollment packets are mailed to the associate’s mailing address from Optum and should be received within three (3) weeks of the termination date.  If the packet is not received, the participant should contact the COBRA/Retiree department at Optum (1-866-301-6681).
Note: COBRA/Retiree elections must be completed with Optum within 60 days of the COBRA/Retiree notice in order to be eligible for enrollment. Please notice the deadline date included in the packet to prevent coverage loss. Coverage can only be reinstated upon receipt of payment and will be updated based on the current paid through date.

Note:  If the spouse is also a Shaw associate, they may elect to add the terminated spouse to coverage as a Family Status Change


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