Associates are responsible for premiums while on a Leave of Absence.  Associates placed on Leave of Absence will receive a Direct Billing Notice letter from Optum making them aware that they will be mailed an itemized monthly billing statement for benefits to their home mailing address.  If associates fail to make payments by the designated due date, benefits will be canceled retroactive to the last premium paid through date.

Associates that are canceled for non-payment are eligible to re-enroll within 31 days of their return to work or during the next Open Enrollment period.  Optional Term Life and Disability policies may be subject to evidence of insurability. 

NOTE: If you had outstanding arrears balances at the time you went on Leave of Absence, those balances will be deducted from your payroll checks upon return to work by doubling your benefit deductions each pay period.

All Group Basic Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance provided by the Company will continue to remain in effect during your Leave of Absence with all premiums being paid by the Company. Also, if you are enrolled in Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits while on Leave of Absence, you will not be required to pay the premiums for your LTD coverage based on the Waiver of Premiums provision included in the policy.

Unum’s Group Accident, Group Critical Illness and Whole Life are not included in Benefits Billing. If you have payroll deductions for any of these and are on leave 45 days or longer, your payroll deductions through Shaw will be stopped and you will receive a direct bill letter from Unum advising how to continue your coverage through them.

Please keep in mind that re-enrollments for Optional Term Life or other any insured benefits (Group Accident, Group Critical Illness and Whole Life – available during Open Enrollment only) require medical evidence of insurability and are subject to approval through the carrier.

The beginning of or return from Leave of Absence is a qualifying event for a Family Status Change. This provides you with an opportunity to request benefit changes (consistent with the event) within thirty-one (31) days from the event date. 
Optum's Direct Billing Department may be reached by one of the following options:
Phone: 1-866-301-6681 

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